About the game

In a Maul tavern, Conan hears the tale of an enormous jewel called “The Elephant’s Heart” and of Yara, the terrible sorcerer who possesses it, drawing power from it to fuel his strange magics. Near the Maul stands the impossible tower that houses Yara, his jewel, and his soldiers. A tower that no one dares enter, with walls polished to infinity, so no one can climb them. Thus, there is no way to acquire the jewel. But for Conan, when desire is coupled with courage, there is ALWAYS a way.

Conan the Cimmerian: The Tower of the Elephant is a towering tabletop combat adventure in which you fight to steal The Elephant’s Heart. There are two ways to play. In Solo Mode, a single player becomes Conan, battling the game itself. In Battle Mode, one player becomes Conan, and the other player becomes the twisted wizard Yara, casting spells, deploying soldiers and eldritch horrors to punish Conan for his temerity.


  • Rule Book and Scenario Book
  • 9 location boxes: Maul Tavern, Tower Garden, Guard Chamber, Yag Kosha’s Chamber, Yara’s Chamber, Treasure Chamber, 3 x Staircases
  • 4 miniatures: Conan, Taurus, Spider, Yara
  • 25 standees and standee bases
  • 1 Item Deck
  • 1 Initiative Deck
  • 1 Skill Deck
  • 1 Plot and Plan Deck (2 player game ONLY)
  • 1 Conan card
  • 1 Taurus card
  • 23 Enemy cards
  • 1 Combat Round and Experience Tracker
  • Gaming tokens, counters, and dice